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LogicPalet is a desktop app designed to help students master the basic concepts of symbolic logic

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Getting started

Using LogicPalet one can easily edit logical formulas, build proofs, construct models (called GeoWorlds and DecaWorlds) and evaluate formulas in these models. LogicPalet can determine whether a formula is a consequence of given formulas, and can generate a GeoWorld satisfying given sentences.
These capabilities enable the automated grading of the online homeworks with clear computer generated feedback for the students.

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Download LogicPalet

LogicPalet comes in three flavors: LogicPaletWin for Windows, LogicPaletMac for Mac, and LogicPaletLinux for Linux, with a native user interface on each platform.
The software is free and is written by Jan Denef from the KULeuven. Mail to him at Jan.Denef at KULeuven.be to get the password for downloading LogicPalet.

Info for instructors

For the online homeworks instructors can use existing sets of compiled exercises (in Dutch or in English) or they can easily compile their own exercises using the Homework Editor of LogicPalet. Each exercise is compiled to a special html document that can be posted on any web server. Instructors should mail to Jan Denef to get an instructor account to manage the homework database for their students and to get the url of the editable settings file for their course.

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